Creative City Initiative

dala has been inspired by the creative cities approach to urban planning and development. In this way, dala aspires to the passionate and compassionate art of city making. City-making involves that a city ‘should not seek to be the most creative city in the world (or region or state) – it should strive to be the most imaginative city for the world (Landry, 2007: 1).

Ultimately a creative city is one that focuses on a sustainable approach to civic creativity. Dala imagines eThekwini as a city that nurtures the inherent creativity within it. This has local, regional, global and implications for developing more just and liveable cities. In this light, dala endeavours to explore a variety of innovative experiments in creative city making. A recent architecture experiment and collaboration with Dutch organisation, raw foundation, saw a collaboration with musicians in Cato Manor / uMkhumbane to build a multi-purpose performance and rehearsal space, uMuthiMAYCHE.

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